Thursday, April 1, 2021

Blessings on the Way


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B. Blessings

One must know these three alarming stages before the delivery:

  1. Water breaking
  2. A bloody mucus discharge
  3. Labor Pain Contraction


It was 09:00 pm on 8th Feb 2019. The pain was not much as it should be after getting a lot of high-level doses of injections. When the gynecologist finally asked us to wait for one hour more and if the pain is not there. The team would go for a c-section. The head of the baby wasn’t in the right position and was not attempting to come out. The doctor instructed us clearly that it could be risky for the baby if we waited for more than an hour. Because the water was leaking and it could be risky for the baby. 

We had less time to decide. After some time, we all went for C-section. I wasn’t able to bear the minor pain when it started.

I felt overwhelmed. After a moment, the baby met her father and the grandparents. It thrilled them with a lot of emotions. I had tears of joy when first; I saw my little princess. Aww! She looked just like me. How the soul has grown properly inside the womb and has come out properly with a healthy body. They took her to the Incubator, where babies are under proper observation. 


I always heard the statement, “Blessed are the ones whose first child is a daughter”. I never believed in this because I am also a first-child to my parents, but I always thought of having an elder brother who could guide me to certain things. But I was wrong. I believed in the statement when my first kid is a daughter only.


Yes! It’s rightly said by someone that it’s not about the gender of the baby. Both are equally important and have their role in a parent's life. It’s not about the boy or girl every time, but it’s about a child who should be born healthy. Ask the parents who’re blessed with two daughters in their life. As we all are aware of how our mind is when we talk about genders. Over 70% want their first child as a boy. I am not criticizing anyone who thinks that way. 


Here, the primary motive to convey my message is, let us understand it via an example. In the USA, they reveal the gender of the baby after 3 months. And soon-to-be-parents feel blessed to have a baby. But, in India, this is not the case.


Not all Indian parents think the same way. There are a few parents who appreciate and welcome the first child as a girl happily. We as parents need to assure that our girls are not less than boys, even they are much better.

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  1. Very interesting blog.
    Yes sometimes the parents are not given much option but to go ahead with the C-section. We just have to trust the words of the doctor in this case.
    Yes the girl child is indeed a blessing for the whole family.

  2. That is very nostalgic foot me who had a baby girl in 2018. It is such a lovely experience to have a daughter. I have a son too and it's lovely to watch them grow. Thanks for sharing your experience.