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Book Review: Her Perfect Man!



Publisher: Creative Space Publishing

Author: Avinash Meshram

Genre: Fiction (Romance)

Pages: 151

Rating: 5*

Reading Time for the blog: 3 minutes

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Why did I choose this book?


I am not a fiction book lover but I am always looking for options in the romance genre. The book title caught my attention and makes me feel curious about how can I make the most of my life.


About the author: Avinash Meshram


The author is an Entrepreneur, Author, Blogger, and Booktuber. The book is published by his own publishing company i.e. Creative Space Publishing. He is the author of “ I don’t need reasons, I need you! The author conducts sessions on book writing too.


About the book:


  • Do you also believe that a boy and a girl can never be best friends?
  • Have you ever asked yourself, Why do you hide your true feelings for the one whom you love?
  • Do you feel happy just by seeing your true love happy?


Well! The book has answers to all these questions. 

The book is about 3 friends i.e. Kavya (intelligent and career-oriented girl), Ashish (shy and under-confident ), Ritesh ( notorious and good-looking) who’re together since class 5th. But when Vikrant ( Handsome and ambitious) entered their life. Everything takes a new turn. All the attention started shifting towards Vikrant when he started dating Kavya. Ashish, Ritesh, and Kavya were best friends and spent a lot of time together. 


Life doesn’t stop moving. In the same case, life took a new turn in Ashish’s and Ritesh’s when Kavya went to IIT Mumbai. And the three closest friends rarely got any time to meet each other and got busy in their college life.


If you're someone who has already passed out of college, then the book will take you back to those college days when you might also have had a crush on someone but never gathered the courage to express. And, If you’re still in college, then you’ll be able to relate to the story of these friends.

The book is a story of true friendship, die-hard love, and the life of a girl, affected by the male dominant society. It is a story of what a woman wants and how important freedom of choice is!


The title of the book matches well with the story. The plots are engaging and you’ll fall in love with the climax at the end.  I highly recommend it to all-age romance lovers. The language is simple and easy to understand.


What emotion was I going through while reading this book?

I see Kavya as a strong character who believes in taking her own decisions but not blaming anyone else. The author has put in the best efforts to describe Kavya's role. Being a woman, I appreciate the author’s efforts in putting the focus on the girl. Any girl who reads the book can take her character as an inspiration too.


So, what’re you waiting for?


Order now to treat yourself by getting lost in the beauty of true love.  You must read the book till the end to know whom Kavya will choose as her life partner?

Don’t forget to read and share how you are feeling about the book in the comments below.


You can directly connect with the author and let him also know how you feel after reading the book?  

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How to Start Teaching Your Toddler at Home?

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How to teach your toddler at Home?


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Because of covid, the physical schools are still closed now. But education is not”. Both The parents and the teachers are putting in the best efforts to provide kids the best education. The classes are happening online now. It seems a little difficult for a toddler to attend online classes who haven’t gone to school yet. The epidemic started in February 2019 and since that they’ve only experienced the home environment. The kids during the year 2019 till now have seen only the family members. They are not aware of the school environment and the teachers. Thus, they got the least experience. But there’s nothing to worry about. 


Mothers are the first and the best teachers for their kids. You can always make a schedule as per your comfort. And start teaching your kids in the best way possible. Here, I'll be sharing a few tips for the parents whose kids are between 1 year -4years for HOMESCHOOLING. Homeschooling is a progressive movement these days to educate the child. 


There's not any proper curriculum for the age 0-2 years. Kids learn by what they observe, etc. But following a curriculum is always the best to stay productive. You can always ensure that your child is meeting all the milestones. During this time, you can grab a lot of information via social media. It’s always better to connect with other parents of your same kid's age. You can take help from Google, Facebook groups (homeschooling, worksheets group), and a few online free classes like from the yellow class.


There’re so many kits available in the market depending on the age of the childlike Flintobox, Class monitor, Firstcry Intellikit, etc. You can always take advice from experienced parents on how they’re dealing with their child’s education. 


By 2 years of age, you can start teaching alphabets, counting the number, colors, shapes, dancing on a rhyme like "twinkle twinkle little star" etc. This is how I am also doing it for my toddler 2.5 years old right now. Here are a few tips on how you can plan to teach your kids at home. 

1.      Make up the Mind: first, the parents must decide that they’ve to put in an extra effort into their child’s education.

2.                 Set up the Environment: Make sure that you have all the basic school accessories for your kids. It’ll give them a feeling that this is the time to study. For eg; give them a school bag including books, required stationary, lunch, water bottle, and a few snacks, etc.

3.                 Stock up on homeschooling supplies: There are a few things that you must have bought before starting like black-and-white board, Fundough, Marker, Colors,stationary, Books.

4.                 Invest in the Products like educational toys: kids grow so fast that we grab quickly what we’re trying to convey to them. They cannot express themselves verbally much, but they understand everything and try to communicate with us through non-verbal gestures. Their brain is storing a lot of information, especially in the first five years.

You can spend your money on buying educational toys like puzzle boards, flashcards, kinetic sand, blocks, magnetic tiles, etc. depending on the age and the requirements.

5.                 Plan your kids' to-do activities: It’s not about teaching kids all day. It’s about giving them quality time but not quantity time. You can plan out their activities in advance and keep a habit tracker of the same. For eg; coloring leaves, playing in the sand and the water, giving them utensils to play with, giving them Mic to speak, etc. it’ll save your time and energy if you plan out everything in advance. And not forgetting, also adding the meal planner for your child.

7.                 Focus on each skill: when it comes to homeschooling, skills are the most important things to focus on. Because of the pandemic, kids cannot experience much of the outer world and physical activity. It might lose their self-confidence as well. But there are many activities as well that you can do with them to boost up their confidence.

8.                Worksheets: Worksheets are a great tool to make the concepts clear. It helps kids in improving their cognitive and other skills. You can find it easily on the internet nowadays. You can follow my Insta reels for the worksheets.

9.                  Following Montessori Learning Techniques: There are a few schools that are into Montessori teaching techniques. You can enroll your child in the same for better learning exposure.

10.            Reward them: It’s your responsibility to appreciate your kids at every step. You can always encourage them to do more by rewarding their efforts.

11.              Let them create the Mess: Yes! You read it right. Kids love being themselves and they like to create a mess. Let them explore, read, sing, dance, talk, touch, and feel, etc.


The above points are the basic things to teach your kids at home. Kindly pour in your suggestions on how do you teach your kids at home?

 This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla and sponsored by Queen’s Brigade.

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