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The Importance of Visualization During Pregnancy


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The importance of visualization during pregnancy

We all are aware of how much the covid-19 has scarred us in the last year, and it’s not over yet. It's more than a year, and the second layer of covid is damn more dangerous than the time it started. It has affected people both physically and mentally.


So, Today! Let’s take out some time “To thank the power of the universe and being grateful to God” for showering his blessings upon us.


First, be calm and sit in a quiet environment.

Take a deep breath and make yourself calm.

Forget everything for a while and just bring all your focus to the things for which you are grateful.

Have you heard about Affirmations? Affirmations are a great way to think positively in any situation. It can help the mother turn negative feelings related to pregnancy into positive ones. You can practice it any time of the day, but with full positive intention and turning them into actual beliefs over me. Let’s try out some positive affirmations.


For Expecting mothers, it could be like:


I accept the positive changes in my body.

I am healthy

My pregnant body is beautiful.

My baby is perfectly healthy.

Thank you, God, for the fetus heartbeat.

Thank you universe for the positive vibes.

Thank you universe for all the healing powers.

I am grateful to God for the positive changes.

I am grateful to my family for their unconditional love.

I am grateful to my gynecologist for the guidance.

I am grateful to my parents for being with me always.

I am grateful for everyone around me.

I am grateful to my husband for always supporting me.


You can keep on adding to the list and making your affirmations. Just do it with the power of intention. Feel it. To get the best out of it, you can click the picture. You can use it on your phone wallpaper or the desk or in the kitchen etc. where it’s the most visible. This will help you in rewiring your brain and helps in reducing stress and anxiety.


Since now, you are carrying one more life in you. It's important for expecting mothers to feel happy both inside and outside.

If a mother is cheerful and in a calm state, it has a positive impact on the fetus.

Don't forget, the unborn can feel all your emotions inside. 

So, let's do a little visualization by being in a peaceful state.

Allow yourself to take a break, at least for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Just be comfortable.


Let me ask you a question, Do you talk to your unborn child?


Just imagine and start trying to talk to the fetus.


Mother: How are you, my baby? 

The Fetus: I'm rocking Mumma. Hope you're cool too.


Mother: So, how are you feeling now?

The Fetus: feeling fabulous to see you relaxed Mumma.


Mother: Do you like all the food served by me to you?

The Fetus: yes Mumma! except for the spicy food.


Mother: What makes you happy?

The Fetus: when you're singing, painting, writing, laughing, cooking and dancing, etc., and doing what keeps you happy, makes me happy too.


So, what do you understand by the above conversation between the mother and the unborn baby? 

The unborn can listen to you and can feel your emotions well.


The above conversation between a mother and the unborn baby helps in strengthening the bond. Now, let us go deeper with Visualization, which means it has the power to turn the mindset into a positive and the desired situation where we want to be.


You can imagine that you are already holding your baby in your hands. You feel a sense of both excitement and nervousness. You feel overwhelmed. You are just observing those tiny fingers, tiny toes, and how beautiful the baby is.

The baby has taken all the stress away and just started giggling with you. The baby is looking into your eyes and trying to interact with you. It feels so good when the baby makes sounds like coo-coo and trying to involve us. 

What can you observe from the baby’s eyes? Just focus…

Thanks, Mumma! “for bringing me healthy into this world.

I am excited to walk on the path of my life with you, papa, dada, dadi, nana, nani, and everyone. 


Mumma, please don't get irritated, it makes me feel sad. Now, I have come into yours and papa's life to make your world beautiful and full of laughter. We are going to have fun every minute. Hahaha! Be ready to experience the roller-coaster ride.


Just keep sitting at the moment for some time. Observe your baby more. Talk to the baby. Convey your messages. Give your blessings. 

Slowly, move your toes and fingers. Now, stroke your hands and place them on your eyes.


You can open your eyes now.


Hope you’re feeling refreshed and more energetic now.


Note: How did you feel about it? Did you talk to the baby in the womb? 


you can share in your writing pad or the comment box below.

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B-Blessings on the way




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