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5 Things You Need to Stop to Be a Happy Mom


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Being a mother is not a one-stop destination. but it's a journey. We learn to explore many things with our experiences. There are a few things that you must ignore for becoming a happier mom. Here I'm with a few suggestions which can help you in being happy.

5 Things You Need to Stop to Be a Happy Mom

1. Stop doubting yourself

We all understand that you’re new to your motherhood journey. But trust the journey of motherhood. Have faith in god. God has already given you the power to be a supermom and raise a super kid. You just need to wear the crown and walk like a queen. A mother puts in all the effort while raising her kids, and that's appreciated. 

2. Stop comparison

Each child is unique and has a set of qualities. So, isn’t the mother? A mother also has her style of raising her kids. We’ll be talking about different styles of parenting in the upcoming chapters. No one knows better than a mother how to deal with her kids, what do they want, etc.

3. Let it go

People will always make a statement whether you’re doing your best. They always have something to say. A few people don't want to see you and your kid growing, they feel jealous. But let this not affect your inner voice of a mother. It all depends on you how you respond to it. You can always take suggestions from others, but your heart knows the best for your child. Do you agree? You can practice meditation to learn the art of letting it go. It’ll make you feel calm and more confident. Let your child also know their mother is the strongest.


4.   Stop feeling lonely

A mother becomes over-possessive when it is about her kids. But don’t let this make you feel arrogant or misunderstood by others. Don’t be restricted to the home, kids, and household responsibilities. Starting socializing with other mothers is a great way to learn from each other’s experiences.

5.   Stop worrying and start living

One understands that it’s your life. It might be a long time that you might miss your ‘old self’, the dress up, the happy you, and the confidence you, etc, but now stop pleasing others. You need to set “me-time” and do what you love the most. You need to set your priorities, but the first priority is you. Make a list of the things you always wanted to do. Set up your day well to keep things organized.


So, Mumma!


What’re you waiting for?


Don’t Stop loving yourself.

Do what makes you “to be a Happy Mom”.

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  1. Typically, moms will always be hard on themselves. Your post will serve as a reminder to all of them.

  2. Agree totally with you..Moms should do all this and more. Wish we had the internet when i as a mom. I was jailed for 40 days by my MIL..i wasn't allowed to even walk in the front yard.

  3. A great timely reminder. Mothers forget oneself most.

  4. I hate when someone compares and if as a mom you are doing that to yourself, this need to be stop. I loved the tips you shared and last one is my favorite!!

  5. Moms surely deserve all the happiness in this journey of motherhood. Stop comparing and doubting yourself, as all moms are unique and so are the kids. You are the best A WoW MoM forever

  6. Ahhh...what a beautiful piece. A happy Mama can only make every one happy.Its a necessary alarm that needs to buzz in every Mama's head from time to time.

  7. Very apt tips. Loved your perspective on this
    Deepika Sharma

  8. Great tips dear and yes I agree moms always have a long list of worry when it comes to their kids. as you said it is very important to stop comparing and start enjoying the motherhood journey.

  9. We as a mom deserve more and stop all this and many more things like trying to be a super mom or being selfless. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Very good post.
    Yes mothers are also human beings who have their own interest, passion, ambitions etc.
    Mothers also need to enjoy their lives for all the great work that they are doing in bringing up the whole family.

  11. True, mothers should learn the mantra of 'Let it go''s the only way to stay happy...and only the happy mother can spread happiness:)

  12. Thumb ups to all the five deeds that every mother start to follow in the perfect given way. We moms actually stop to taking care of our inner self, in pampering rest ogf family members. But yes now it become essential to pamper ourselves equally.


  13. I love your thoughts rahikha, your thoughts reflect you like to declutter and analyse everything

  14. Great pointers radhika. I swear by these points

  15. True mothers first priority should be self care. A happy mom can raise a happy kid.