Thursday, April 29, 2021

Hospital Bag Checklist

 Hospital Bag Checklist


o‌‌   ‌‌Diaper Bag  

o‌‌   ‌‌One-piece size (minimum 5 to 6)  

o‌‌   ‌‌3 pairs of ‌the vest  

o‌‌   ‌‌Reusable Nappies ‌‌and ‌‌Baby ‌Tees, nappy and cap  

o‌‌   ‌‌3 pajamas  

o‌‌   ‌‌1 warm blanket  

o‌‌   ‌‌2 bedsheets  

o‌‌   ‌‌3 pairs of bibs 

o‌‌   ‌‌3 pairs of mitten  

o‌‌   ‌‌3 pairs of socks and caps 

o‌‌   ‌‌Hankies  

o‌‌   ‌‌2 Baby Towels  

o‌‌   ‌‌Diapers (newborn)  

o‌‌   ‌‌2 Swaddle Blankets  

o‌‌   ‌‌Quick dry sheet  

o‌‌   ‌‌Baby Wipes  




o‌‌  ‌‌Nursing Bra 

o‌‌   ‌‌2 sets of tee and pajamas 

o‌‌  ‌‌Disposable Panties  

o‌‌   ‌‌Sanitary Pads  

o‌‌   ‌‌Nursing Pads  

Note: All the links are amazon affiliate links. That means itll cost nothing to you, but if 

you buy from the link, I'll get a tiny amount of commission. 

You can check out a few gifting  set options available for the newborn: 

Mee Mee gift set for Newborn  

Himalaya newborn gift set  

You can check out more good brand options like ‌‌Mom & me, Sebamed, and 

Mammaearth,  etc. 

Note: The list goes on, but I have mentioned a few necessary must-have items in the 

hospital diaper bag for the baby, and for the mother. 

· Kindly buy according to the weather 

· Always keep the stock extra in advance 

· Always go for a patch test before trying it on a babys skin 

· Buy only cotton clothes that are comfortable to the skin 

· Dont use any harsh products on babys skin 

· Dont buy unnecessary items and clothes because in the first two years, as the  

             baby grows, the size keeps on changing. 

· Don't go for the brand, but for the quality. Always check ingredients before  


Note: You’ll get the material of what to add to the baby’s diaper bag while going for the delivery as a bonus. For that, you need to e-mail me at after finishing reading 26 blogs daily or just fill out the google form. You can join the WhatsApp group to receive all the updates. 

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