Friday, April 23, 2021

Give a Gift to Yourself



Give a Gift to Yourself

Be Good to Yourself


Being hurt doesn’t mean that you will punish yourself. Doing a mistake doesn’t mean that you’ll end up getting it more messy. Being failed once doesn’t mean that you’ll never succeed. This all above mentioned statement shows that you’re moving a step ahead in transforming yourself better. So, you’ve to be good with yourself. You’ve to be at peace. You need to be kind, soft-spoken, and forgiving at the same time. You need to have patience to see things becoming better. If you want to see the beauty of the rainbow, first try to enjoy the rain. Feel like the clouds are showering their blessings upon you.


The Key to Happiness


It was my 14th birthday. I remember the time of childhood days. When we used to receive and give gifts on special occasions like birthday, Diwali, etc. gifts always make us happy. We always plan the best gift to give to our beloved one. But have you ever thought? For what? Just To surprise them? Or to see them smiling? Or you don’t want to miss how their eyes spark while opening the gift.


But now it’s been enough. Now it’s time to make yourself happy. Now is the time to think about your happiness. This is the right moment to give yourself “a gift”. Ask yourself if you have time to choose a gift for yourself. What would you choose? Would you choose accessories, any equipment, books, clothing or gifting yourself a spa package, etc. there are unlimited options available?


 The best gift you can give to yourself is “the key tohappiness”. Yes! Happiness is what you want. No matter how your day was and what all struggles you've had in your life. You just want to be happy at any cost. You want to feel the satisfaction of being happy before going to bed in a grim mood.


You need to find your own key to happiness. You need to identify what makes you happy? What keeps you in a cheerful mood? Is it a cup of coffee or just pampering yourself and taking a break from work? Sit in silence for sometimes a day and you’ll figure out what your heart says. Let’s do it now.

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