Monday, April 19, 2021

What’s Your Parenting Style?


What’s your parenting style?

Gone are the days when parents used to ignore their kids. They left kids with other relatives and kids of the family that they didn’t feel like kids needed attention to. It was a time when mothers used to take care of household chores and fathers used to go back to work and come back late at night. For a few, kids were not on their priority list, but now today’s parents are much smarter than earlier ones. Their full focus is on their kids. They want them to achieve and learn what they couldn’t themselves.


Nowadays, both father and mother equally take up the responsibility of their kids and support each other while raising a smart kid. They truly understand the importance of building up discipline in their kids' routine and monitoring their behavioral changes. 


Let’s talk about different parenting styles and how it matters while raising a kid.



·       Authoritative Parenting

This parenting style means as a parent, you’re putting a lot of effort into bringing up your child. You have open communication with them. You try to make a lot of rules, but you don’t force your kids to follow them. Indeed, you put them first and listen to them carefully. Authoritative parents try to use kind words, positive vibes, positive behavior, and reward systems to encourage their kids. Children raised with this style, become the best decision-maker and a successful person.


·       Authoritarian or Disciplinarian Parenting

Here, the parents take all the responsibilities of the kids and set high expectations for them. Neither they listen to their kids nor they consider their child’s feelings. These parents make their rules and ask their kids to obey all the rules by not daring to break them. The parents become agree. with this, children are mostly ignored and they become a liar in their later stages. 


·       Permissive Parenting

Under this parenting style, these parents allow their kids to be free. They don’t set high expectations for the kids and from their parenting style. They pretend to be like friends with their kids and encourage them to talk about their problems with them. Their primary motive is to appreciate the child but they forget that kids look for answers from their parents. Hence, they don’t tell them when a kid makes a terrible choice. Children raised under this parenting style mostly have low self-esteem and might have a feeling of sadness.


·       Uninvolved Parenting

At other times, with this style, parents mostly lack knowledge about their child. For example, Their kids are living in hostels and the parents are least bothered about their work assignments, etc. And they don’t involve them in family rituals and work like paying bills and managing household chores, etc. Parents don’t bother about nurturing their kids well. Kids raised under this often lead to low self-esteem and issues in behavior. For example, an uninvolved parent will give the money to his child whenever he/she will ask for it but they’ll bother where he/she is going to spend it.


 As above mentioned parenting styles come with both positive and negative comments. It keeps on changing with time. One must know what style to use and when with their kids. It becomes the duty of the parents to be with their kids in their both happy and struggling phase. Ultimately, parents should be the first approach when a kid seeks answers to the questions.

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What do you think which parenting style are you following?

 If you’re a new parent, what parenting style would you like to follow?

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