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Depression or Postpartum Depression (Ppd)


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We all are aware of the term ‘Depression’ means a serious medical illness. It affects negatively how we respond to the situation and faces a lot of issues like loss of interest, and losing appetite, etc. It causes a feeling of sadness for a long period if untreated well.


But are we aware of “postpartum depression (PPD)”? Postpartum means the time after childbirth. This mostly occurs in a new mother just after giving childbirth. There are so many hormonal changes going on in a women’s body that take time to settle.


Having a newborn can be overwhelmed, but it is stressful too. No matter how much you’re excited for the moment to laugh and to make a bond with the baby, they demand a lot of attention. Considering the sleep deprivation, extra responsibilities, back pain, and mood swings, etc. New mothers are mostly on roller coaster rides. They forget to give some time to themselves, which develops the risk of postpartum depression if not treated well.


There are a few delivery days when a mother cannot cope up with the pressure of handling the newborn. There is a weakness in her she cannot manage. A mother might not feel as normal as she feels otherwise. She might feel irritable because of the breastfeeding issues or the pressure caused by the family or any relatives, etc. 


During earlier days, a mother also faces issues like insomnia, losing appetite and, baby blues, etc. In this way, she might lose her confidence as well because of the excess weight gain just after the delivery. She needs someone to listen to her but all are guiding her during that stage which is developing postpartum depression.


What're the ways to overcome it?


  • ·        Exercise
  • ·        Make time to rest – practice meditation, do deep breathing
  • ·        Examine your breastfeeding – talk to a lactation consultant
  • ·        Confront her
  • ·        Maintain a healthy diet
  • ·        Take help from others


This mild depression mostly stays a minimum for 1 month and can be exceeded for a long time if not treated well. It becomes the duty of a mother too, not to hide anything from her husband/family members and vice versa. A husband/family member plays the best role here, where they can take care of the baby while the mother is sleeping. So, she can sleep peacefully and wake up fresh.

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  1. I've seen a few bad cases of post partum depression which needed medication. Diagnosis was delayed in most cases... We just assume the new mother is exhausted or stressed in her new situation

  2. A very pertinent topic. Mostly after the baby is born all attention is diverted to the baby, even the mom's and this can have adverse affect on her mental health. Your post would be so helpful with tips on how to overcome the same
    Deepika Sharma

  3. I am a classis case of Postpartum depression! It doesnt get worse than this. I didnt even know what PPD was 36 years ago. It was left untreated. 5 years later when my daughter was born I went through the same and only then I was taken to a doctor. It has become chronic and right now I am recovering after 3 months of a depressive episode. Is is so bad that I sometimes wonder if death can be worse than this hellish time :(

  4. I had seen couple of minor PPD's but they went detected for a long time. Incidentally, I also wrote on depession. But its about Childhood DepressionšŸ˜€

  5. I am so happy that this term is being spoken about though there needs to be more awareness about it. This is something that should be treated as early as possible.

  6. I have been though postpartum depression, and it breaks you sometimes if not handled properly. Although as my kiddo grew up I was relieved and was back to normal within a month. Newbie moms need to be aware beforehand about this so the family takes care and provides with much needed help and support.

  7. Post party depression is very common and should be diagnosed as early as possible before it becomes fatal. This needs more awareness and your post us definitely doing it.

  8. Great tips dear. yes lifestyle measures work great in treating depression and other mental issues,

  9. There need to be awareness about this topic. Having a newborn can be overwhelmed, but it is stressful too. Ppd needs to be taken seriously and treated on time .


  10. PPD can be dangerous of not detected earlier. It's always good to keep the new mother cheerful than to add to her stress

  11. Most of us must have experienced this phase. So, we can very well understand the urgency to attend the issue as soon as possible. Glad you have picked this topic to talk about. Hope this post is helpful for many.

  12. I think I've been through Postpartum Depression but didn't know at that time. The need is to spread awareness and you're doing the right thing.

  13. As per my knowledge and observation Postpartum depression is the most underrated Mental issue that has been taken under consideration, especially in India. It only caught my attention when I delivered my second one n the USA and doctors team were so concerned about asking my mental health, noting all the details about how I feel in particular moment. Hope such posts/series would come as a great help into this.

  14. Husbands need to be aware, supportive, and sensitive. Women do realize instinctively that something is wrong, but family members tell them to focus on the baby and forget about themselves.