Friday, April 9, 2021

Happy Hormones- Happy Mumma

H. Happy Hormones-Happy Mumma

Hormones are the chemicals that are produced by glands present in the body. It affects our body in over one way like it affects our mood, lifestyle, and relationships, etc.


A new mother has to deal with many things like breastfeeding, recovering, and taking care of the baby. She might get frustrated in between following all the chaos. It's equally important to keep your hormones happy while dealing with every task and not pressurizing too much on yourself.


There Are 4 Types of hormones that make us happy. If we focus on those well. Then, we’ll not feel sad or dull. We’re going to discuss those hormones which can keep a mother or anyone happy.

1.  Dopamine

This hormone is related to the brain reward system. Anything that makes you happy from inside and outside, activates dopamine. For eg, a minor change in your environment, a change in lifestyle, adopting healthy eating habits, etc. A mother can create a happy environment around her baby that slight change will make her feel happy too.

2.  Oxytocin

It is known as the ‘love hormone. The relations that we maintain with our kids activates it and the spouse etc. for eg, during breastfeeding, a mother feels happy that her child is taking breastfeed. It signals her mind and activates oxytocin which helps a mother to produce more milk naturally. 

3.  Serotonin

This hormone is more related to our eating habits. We should eat rich foods like omega-3, nuts, ghee, and lentils to ensure healthy levels of serotonin hormones. Don’t go for unhealthy products but add more protein and iron-rich foods to your diet to enhance your mood. A new mother should take care of her diet well to have enough energy to take care of herself and the baby.


4.  Endorphins

We know it to reduce stress and pain. A new mother can do this by meditating, journaling, socializing, etc. These activities help her boost her self-esteem. You can try laughing more, spending some quality time with yourself, heal yourself, etc. to ensure healthy levels of endorphins.

 You can try Mandala coloring, listening to songs, and anything that makes your soul happy. 

If a Mumma is happy, she will raise a cheerful kid.


Don’t forget to share, “ What do you do to boost your happy hormones”? 

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  1. Wish I knew the ways to increase my happy hormones when I was bringing up my lap babies. Had gone thru lot of anxiety and depression too then. But no worries high time, happy hormones have no time, I can still handle the happiness. Nice post.

  2. Lovely detailed post about how hormones effect us and how we can take care of each one as a new mom. Keep writing this is like bible for new moms
    Deepika Sharma

  3. I was not aware apni facts which have shared this is really something new for me and I will share with my Prince to.

  4. Glad you discussed the role of all of these feel-good hormones and how to activate them. I have been mentioning about their significance in almost every post. A very useful post that will come handy to all the moms.

  5. Now if I think back I relied on chocolates for my happy hormones buddy but didnt hve this knowledge then.

  6. I wish I knew about Happy Hormones when I had my babies! I suffered from Post natal depression and it became chronic!

  7. I write and read to boost my happy hormones. A certain me time ensure that.

  8. I agree hormones' play a big role in uplifting your mood. doing what makes you happy work great in releasing endorphin and bringing positive emotions.

  9. I agree if mommy is happy the whole home brightens up. So we need to keep all these hormones happy. Mandala art is my favorite.. It is so soothing and a stress buster.

  10. Happy to hear these names again. Remember studying about them probably about 20 years ago for the first time :)

  11. Great info. I was only aware of Dopamine and oxytocin, made me learn something new today about rest two hormones. These scientific facts are really helpful in understanding the motherhood better.

  12. I knew the names but not their specific triggers. I'm glad that I do enough to release all these hormones with lots of hugs, healthy eating and regular workout.

  13. Very good information about the 4 main happy hormones that we trigger in our body.
    Yes as you mentioned, while looking after the baby, a mother has to make sure that she is always patient and in a very good mood.

  14. To be honest, I wasn't aware of the happy hormones. Thanks for adding to my knowledge:)

  15. I'm aware of the term happy hormones but not much in detail. Glad I came across this

  16. Wow loved this post. I agree if mommy is happy the whole home brightens up. I didn't know the names of these hormones . I love doing Mandala art .