Friday, April 9, 2021

I love you Mom

I love you maa, not for who you're but for what you've made me. - Radhika

I love you Mom

 (Heartfelt gratitude from a daughter to her mother)

I miss you every single second MAA just after the moment I have become a mother. It’s been two years of my motherhood journey, and I realize I respect you more than ever before. You were always right “ Maa banne ke baad hi, Maa ki feelings samaj aati hain”. Now I listen to you more deeply, now I focus on your words more, now I want to talk to you endlessly. Now I understand and appreciate each effort you have put in upbringing me, brother. Not only this, you are a multitasker who manages the house and maintains relations with love and kindness. There’re so many things I want to imbibe from you. A few are like honesty, patience, selfless attitude, and what not?


Now I realize how difficult it is to become a mother. My roles and responsibilities towards life have been increased. I am sorry if I’m not able to talk to you when you need me. I’m sorry for not visiting you. I miss our chai gossip time. Hahaha !!! I know you don’t like chit-chatting over a cup of tea. I understand, it takes a lot of effort, discipline, and patience to raise a kid in all aspects of life. 

Today’s generation is so busy and a little selfish, we often forget that with our time and age, our parents are also growing. We should spend enough time with them to cherish the moments of life.


Itna sukoon aur kha milega , jab maa kehti hain “kab aaoge milne beta”

I sometimes wonder how you could manage everything so well. Now, seriously, I admire you. I respect you for being the CEO of our home. You made me realize earning is not everything in life but self-satisfaction is. You taught me, we’re nowhere if we don’t value our relations. 


Kabhi-2 dil bhatak jata hain Maa iss ajeeb si duniya mein,

 bhag padti hu sabko dekh kar unke piche,

unka jaisa banne? Unki tarah,

 jinko khud ka hi khayal nahi,

Mana ek pehchan banani hain mujhe,

aapne bhi naam kamana hain mujhe,

Lekin woh pehchan mere apno se toh upper nahi,

 tab tumhari sikhayi hui baatein yaad aati hain Maa”.


I wanted to pour out my feelings for you by this blog. I can list an unlimited number of things that I have learned from you. But I want to ensure that I'll put in my best efforts to walk on the path which you have shown me. The two most important are “ value relationships” and “never forget to love yourself”. Now I know what's best for me. 

 Thank You Maa!

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  1. Hi Radhika, it's like the same feelings I have for my mom. Beautiful read. I'm a mother of 2 beautiful girls and every time I see them, it reminds me of my mom and all the struggles she went through to raise us.Keep writing. ����

  2. Please do take out time to talk to your mom.I know how it feels. I keep waiting for a call and when it doesnt come it really hurts. If she has taught u so much then u shud make time to call.

  3. Beautiful poem you added in there. No one can ever completely express how important mom is.
    Loved how true your emotions came forward as
    Deepika Sharma

  4. This post made me so emotional. We truly don't understood motherhood till we experience it. Mothers are equipped with everything a child may need. They're so special.

  5. Beautiful poem remembering what mom had taught. Sach me mom ki baat me alag hi sukoon hota hai, jo hum unhe kehna bhul jate hai, batna reh sa jata hai. Some relations are very valuable, cherish them timely.

  6. Yes nothing could replace the love and care that we receive from moms. loved the way you had expressed your emotions through poem dear.

  7. She sounds a lovely, amazingly dedicated woman who has raised her children to be responsible adults. :)

  8. Beautiful emotions straight from the heart. And that poem, expressed a part of the plethora of emotions inside you, so beautifully!!

  9. A letter from every daughter, to her loveliest companion mother. It is true, we realize every bit of mother's dedication only after getting into her shoes.


  10. Mother daughter bond gets stronger with age. The more we age the more we start understanding mom. Great ode.
    - Ujjwal Mishra MywordsMywisdom

  11. Beautiful poem i must say .Yes nothing could replace the love and care that we receive from moms.


  12. Radhika you touched my heart.. Beautiful poem and I am going to share this with my mom as I strongly resonate same feelings as yours. Thanks you for speaking my mind.

  13. This is such a beautiful and emotional post. It reminds me of my mom!!

  14. Very loving post.
    The love of mothers towards their children are unconditional.
    We as children need to realize this and give back our love and support to them.

  15. Valuing relationship and loving thyself are great lessons for humanity. I loved the poem.

  16. Very well said di.These post taught me value of parents in our life.