Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Reliving the Childhood Memories

Reliving Childhood Memories

The moment I wake up in the morning, the first glance I have is at “my beautiful princess face”. The moment makes me feel lazy to get up, so I want to keep cuddling and giving her more hugs. OMG! she behaves like me, who used to sleep only by the fragrance of the mother who’s just lying beside me. 

Do you miss your childhood days? The days full of innocence, kiddish act, stubbornness, and what not? We can't go back to our childhood days, but we can re-live those similar memories with our little ones. 

I can recall all those moments when my mother tried to wake me and my brother up. But our father was always by our side and asked her to let us sleep for some more time. The same is happening with my daughter now. Kids are so lucky in this case. Kids are carefree, stress free, no workload, etc. That was the best time of the childhood days. 


Once we grow up, we live with our daily routine, meeting deadlines, stress, overthinking, planning, etc. My 2 years toddler never fails to entertain us except the days when she is not feeling well. She keeps on doing such activities just to make us laugh and assures that we’re responding  her back. She makes everyone sit together, eat together, dance together and play together like ring-a-ring- roses where everyone is taking a circle and following all the rules. 


There comes a time when we try to match her latest pics with our childhood pics. I enjoy the moment  when my husband says she is like her. And, I interrupt in between to make sure that her habits are like mine. This moment brings us back to the old splendid memories. Along with that, my in-laws also shares their childhood experiences and we spend quality time all together.

I want to capture the moment and get it framed in my heart forever or just by getting a picture clicked. Not only me and my husband, but the grandparents are also reliving the moment again. Kids are the stress-buster and they're truly god’s blessings. “The way they approach us, the way they find the solace by making an eye contact, the way they make us realize that we’re everything to them.” 

Especially during the lockdown, we’ve used the best time spent with the family forever. And I would like to thank my daughter for entertaining, understanding, co-operating and just being with us. I want to say this to my princess, the best time in the entire day is the time spent with you. I feel disheartened when I ignore you sometimes because you know, Mumma has so much pending work. But Don’t stop making the moments to cherish forever. Here're a few recommendations on games that family members can play together like Chess, Carom Board, Cards, and others

A few other recommendations to play with a toddler along with the family members are like Bowling set, Basketball, coloring mat, and puzzles etc.

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  1. I think we all try to relive our childhood.....some in memories, with our kids and I with my grandsons! I become a kid with them and we play all sorts of games. My friends ask me to tech them to be a good grandma!! Do u really need to learn? The love u have naturally flows to make u the most lovable G ma as they call me.

  2. True said, we relive our childhood in our kids, and in better form too. Watching our kids grow, who are our flesh and blood, our own glimpse is the best part of being a mother. And I agree even I had great memorable moments during lockdown with my kids. We enjoyed reading, playing, cooking and tv time together.

  3. Reliving child hood memories is everyone's favourite 🤩. Those carefree days , the stress free joy are all so alluring ! The way you started the post had me hooked. Loved the narration.

  4. The older I get, the more I realize what a charmed life I had as a kid. Do I miss it? Most definitely. Those were some of the best days of my life.

  5. I really relive those beautiful moments with kids again. We love to play many indoor games now a days!!

  6. Yes childhood days are fun.
    Your post brought to me the memories of my little child as well as my childhood days.

  7. Yes like you I also miss my childhood days so much. but my girls are my source of inspiration to be happy and think positive.

  8. Childhood always brings the nostalgic feeling with it. Could relate to all the activities you have mentioned. These are the moments we should cherish. Kids will make memories out of these times only. Re-living our childhood in all the possible ways, is one of the best feelings.

  9. Matching our kids' pics with our childhood pics is so me!The carefree life of childhood can't come back but it's fun to relive it through our kids now.

  10. We relive our childhood in our children. As you said, fathers are more lenient when it comes to waking up late. I think most of us have same childhood:)

  11. Oh yes.. Childhood memories bring so much happiness. Those days were the best carefree days. I miss everything about them. Whenever I go home I revisit those memories looking at old album.

  12. Couldn't agree more on it, Childhood days and the memories related are bliss.I just want I could understand the value and preciousness of those days a bit early.

  13. I do this a lot and strike similarities and differences with my daughter and son

  14. Yes my childhood days were full of fun . It is great to relive those moments with our kids


  15. Carefree childhood days is something that we all cherish and try to relive in our children's childhood.