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Oh My god! I am a mother now is such an influential book in which the author, Abinaya Vijaykumar has talked about how a new mother deals with emotional trauma. Here, I'm with a few points which I wanted to convey to a new mother. 

Relax! Feel blessed that you’re a mother. 



Obey all the rules


They have programmed us from childhood days that we should listen to our elders and obey all the rules. But the time has changed now. Today’s generation Parents are smarter. Here, I am not comparing the parenting styles. Instead, our parents did the best in raising us up, but now today's parents have their parenting style raising the kids. Though they don't believe in obeying all the rules as set by the elders of the home. But they believe in living their life more practically. They believe in doing what they feel is right for them and their kid. They are self decision-makers.

What do you think? Is it necessary to obey all the rules once you enter into motherhood?




Is it important to be organized all the time? Undoubtedly, it helps us stay organized well. But hold on! Take a breath. We all know u have so many pending tasks like household chores, cluttering wardrobes, washing clothes, office work, and other new daily assignments. When you have a toddler at home, no matter how hard you try. No matter how much effort you put in to keep things organized, but yes! It's ok. Let them explore things. Let them create the mess. The home can be organized anytime, but their toddler time will never come back. So don't pressurize yourself much and just try to relive the moment again with your little one.

Thank God! I am a mother of a happy toddler.

OMG! oh my God

Oh No! I just kept everything at the place. Oh, no! he did potty again, I just cleaned it up. Oh, no! the baby is not sleeping. But why? Oh shit! Baby has created all the mess again. 

Such questions arise in a mother's mind when she loses her cool. Those who have kids at home can relate to me very well. But oh my God! I am a mother. Give me the power to deal with everything. 




Being a new mother, you will be excited to dress up your kids according to the occasion. But don't forget yourself, meanwhile. Buy a dress of your favorite color and texture, etc. which will suit you the best. It'll not only make you happy but boost your self-confidence too. A Little self-care shouldn't hurt.




We feel overwhelmed when we look at the face of your little one. How innocent and cute my baby looks. But kids are smarter than us. They know the technique to get their work done quickly. Even if it is by crying or showing anger, etc. we parents get melted with their innocent actions. Here, I would like to share this advice with new and first-time parents, don't feel overwhelmed and try to solve the problem in parts.

What advice would you like to share with other new mothers?

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B-Blessings on the way



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  1. YOur advice is indeed very practical. The only difference I would say in our parenting style and the style of my kids' is that they are more aware of their children's feelings and more respectful of their children than what our parents were