Monday, August 16, 2021

Book Review: The Power of Thoughts and Visualisation


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Book Name: The Power of Thoughts and Visualisation

Author’s Name: Deepak Devaraj

Ratings: 4.5*/5

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 TheAuthor’s first book review


About the Author:

The author is a best-Selling Author specialized in Personal Development & Inner Wellness related books. He Possesses in-depth insights into personal development and life skills such as Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation, Mindfulness.


About the Book:

  • Do you lack energy?
  • Do you lack self-confidence?
  • Do you want to achieve something in life?
  • Do you believe in the power of your thought?


Here I’m with another book review that will boost your confidence, like anything. The book has many small chapters like the law of attraction, gratitude, forgiveness, affirmation, etc. We all have energy chakras in our bodies, but we never realize that the blockage needs to remove.


Bonus Point: You can explore how to heal a few specific areas in your body with the help of visualization. The problem can be stomach pain, acidity, indigestion, fever, shoulder pain, and communication issues, etc. You can find it on page no. 41.


Who is the Book for?

  •  For every age - teens, adults, and old
  • For working professionals, homemakers, and any person 
  • For spiritual lovers,
  • And for those who’re looking for Inner Peace.


 How Is This Book Helpful?


  • To realize the power of your thoughts and Visualisation
  • To raise the high level of frequencies
  • Decluttering the Mental Space for happiness
  • Guidance to manifest your dreams and goals


“This book explains everything in advance compared to the author’s first book “Unlimited Energy”. The author believes that whatever we think in our mind; we can fulfill it. He has shared a lot of examples of how we can achieve the same. How to let go of limiting beliefs and how to do visualization to achieve the desired outcome?

 There are a lot of techniques we can apply to improve the quality of your thought. You can expect a few tried techniques in the book by the author himself, like Pranayam, Meditation, Mindfulness, Mirror, NLP, and Holistic Technique, etc...”. 


This is a quick read book but with a lot of useful information to grasp. The author has put in his best efforts and has discussed how we can raise our positive vibrations. The writing style is lucid. I highly recommend the book to anyone who’s looking for ways to unlock infinite potential for success, happiness, health, and inner peace.

 This is one of my favourite books and definitely on my "To-be read" list.

So, what’re you waiting for?

Let’s discuss in the comment box below, “What do you do to improve the quality of your thoughts”?

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  1. This is a book for me. I have trouble with limiting beliefs

  2. Thanks Radhika for a wonderful review.
    You have summed up all the points very nicely.

  3. I am going to read this one for your. beautifully written review.

  4. Summed up the book very nicely. Lovely review for readers.

  5. I swear by the power of visualisation. I have had excellent results.