Monday, August 31, 2020

Book Review - Just Let Them Be - Parenting

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Publisher: Self-published on Kindle

Author: Bala D Moorthy

Genre: Non Fiction (Self-Help)-Parenting

Pages: 153

Rating: 5*

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  • Why are kids stubborn? 

  • Why do they lack self-confidence?

  • Why do you think few kids are happier and responsible than others?

  • Looking for parenting advice? Are you a new parent or already in the parenting journey?

  • Does it sound familiar to you?

If yes, then this is the right book for parents like me who’re looking for suggestions in the process of bringing up their children in every aspect of life like physical, mental, intellectual, and emotional. Parenthood is a big responsibility and how both parents treat their children plays a significant role in the upbringing of their kids. All the things matter when the kid is happy, if she/he is not happy then something has to be done and certain actions need to be taken.

The author Bala d Moorthy of the book “ Just let them be- an unconventional way of bringing up self-disciplined, responsible, and happy children”  has explained clearly how parents can put in their best efforts in upbringing their kids. The author is the father of two lovely daughters, lives with them and his wife in the beautiful island nation, Republic of Fiji. Being a father of two daughters, he can understand from a parent’s point of view that how they feel and what all they should be aware of in the process of parenting.

He has expressed his views on various chapters like allowing the kids the way they’re, respecting them, preaching love, traveling and being creative with life, etc. 

Sibling senses chapter explains how planning another sibling for the kid is important too and how one child helps the other child in building up togetherness, in sharing visible resources, and supporting each other in hard times.

Every new parent wants to develop a “happier kid”, they don’t want to say “no” to their kids. As explained in the book, parenting is a journey, it's not a destination. The book meets the expectations of every parent who is concerned with their kids like:

  • how to teach them discipline 

  • how it is essential for them

  • how they can inculcate good eating habits

  • how they can be strict to their school work and play schedules

  • how proper sleep is important for their health.

I am inspired by the author’s words from the book, “In parenting life, one is a breadwinner and the other one is the one who cooks the bread”. Not comparing, both men and women have equal roles and responsibilities towards the upbringing of their little ones. But a woman plays a crucial role in the nourishment of their little ones in terms of the mind, body, and soul. 

One of my favorite chapters from the book is chapter no. 5  where the author depicts “recognizing individual strengths”.  

The author is asking to focus on 3 things:

  1. Attitude

  2. Skills

  3. Knowledge

Every human is different in terms of these above mentioned 3 things. So, it applies to the kids too. They also learn and grow up in life based on their experiences and how much they explore.

As a parent of 1.5-year-old, the book has motivated me a lot and did show me a clear picture of parenting and in helping me to raise a happy kid. The author has narrated each chapter beautifully which is easy to understand. 

This is my first parenting book read whose title caught my attention equally and convinced me to start reading the book. This book is highly recommendable for the parents who are seeking suggestions on their parenting. 

Feel free to share your reviews about the book and share what best efforts you're putting in to raise a happier kid in the comment box?

Enjoy your Parenthood Journey!

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