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Book Review: How to Raise a Topper


Book Name: How to Raise a Topper

Author’s Name: Avinash Agarwal

Ratings: 4.5*/5

Publisher: Disha Publication

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About the Author:

The author is a study skill and habit coach for students. He has been working in the area of mentoring for over 15 years. Interviews with hundreds of toppers who have cracked different competitive exams. He believes that every child can be a topper and, through his sessions, aims to teach powerful study strategies and techniques to students so that they can pursue their dreams.


About the Book:

  • Do you want to raise a topper?
  • Does your child have a fixed mindset?
  • Are you looking for some parenting advice?

Here I’m with another book review that will boost your confidence, like anything. I always wanted to be a topper in the class but, I wasn't. I was an average kid who stayed happy in her comfort zone. But It takes a lot of effort to become a topper. The author has explained the same about how to raise a topper. Being a parent/teacher, we always think the best for our kids but, first, it becomes our duty to make them prepare for it. From their early days. The book focuses on two things:

  • Mindset 
  • The power of habit.

Parents are the first role model for their kids. They know their kids the best. Before parents expect anything from their kids, they must remember that they need to be disciplined first. Parenting is a journey, but not a destination. The book will be helpful to the parents who’re looking forward to making their kids' careers. 


Bonus Point: You can expect a cheat sheet from the book, a lot of personal advice from the author, and tips for parents who want to raise NEET/JEE Toppers.


Who is the Book for?

  • For any Parent/Teacher.
  • For Students, looking for inspiration.
  • For personal transformation.
  • For the new-age parenting.

 How Is This Book Helpful?

  • The role of parents in developing the right mindset.
  • To cultivate the growth mindset in your child
  • Strengthen the relationship between parents and the kids
  • Teaching kids how to be happy in the present moment.
  • Teaching kids that marks are not everything.
  • Developing a powerful belief system.

I wish I could have read this type of book during my school days. The book will help in shifting your mindset towards positivity. And, also gives you a solution to work on your habits. 


“I highly recommend the book to all the parents who’re into new age parenting”. The book will make you think from your kid’s perspective. It’ll strengthen the relationship with your kids too. The author has put in his best efforts by sharing his personal experience. The book will work as a helping hand to whoever reads the book. The writing style is lucid. I hope the book will be a great help to you too in your parenting journey.


“It is not about studying more or less but it is about:

How much do your kids enjoy the process?

How disciplined is your kid?

How serious is your kid?


You need to ask a few questions from your kids to get clarity and helping them to find the purpose of their life.  

So, what’re you waiting for?

Let’s discuss in the comment box below, “How do you cultivate the habit in your kid”?


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  1. Not just for parents,this book is actually wonderful for all those who are struggling to change their habit system and are not able to develop a right mindset.

    Its a great book with lots of interesting facts and what not. There's a new concept in this book which exhibited that combination of mindset and habit is a secret spice to make your life's recipe delicious.

  2. A wonderful book I must say... A fantastic play of concepts. Right mindset and habits is all that every individual need, not just kids.