Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The Qualification of a Mother



Before a woman becomes a mother, a lot of questions are already running through her mind. The queries like how will she handle all those kids' trauma, her figure will not be the same again and losing freedom, etc. She worries about whether she’ll be able to deliver a healthy baby or not, whether she’ll be able to nurture him well or not, etc. These common questions arise in a woman’s mind before planning the baby. But, once they delivered the baby after putting all the efforts put in those pleasant months altogether from healthy meals, being health conscious and monitoring fetus growth, etc. The bundle of joy makes everything worth it. 


When a baby is born, they know only the mother by their voice, touch, and smell. A kid doesn’t know whether her mother is officially qualified. They only know she’s my mother and they accept her the moment unconditionally. They look forward to her. 

Once a child is born, everything changes. A mother is more concerned for her kids than anything else in the world. Her heart, mind, and soul are involved only in concerning the child.


Now let me ask you a question, Does a mother need a professional degree to qualify herself as a mother? Isn’t she blessed with her instincts to know what's happening with her kids? Why are they behaving like that? 



There is not any precious gift in the world other than the unconditional love of a mother.


A mother plays many roles in her kid’s life depending on the situation. A mother is both sugar and spice at the same time. She knows the best for her kids. A few are like sometimes she’s a teacher, friend, role model, financial controller, CEO of the house, the best chef, a doctor, a healer, a decision-maker, a counselor, a reader, and the emotional backbone, etc. You all agree that yes! The list could go endlessly.


“I feel sorry for those who don't appreciate the efforts put in by their mother, whereas a few are struggling to find their mother’s, genuine love. 

I feel sorry for those who keep on insulting their mothers in front of their friends when she’s not able to speak English or communicate well,  but they forget she educated then. So, they could learn to communicate well.

I feel sorry for those who take their mother for granted, but they don’t know God is watching over them.”


Today's kids don't have time to spend with their parents, but they have time to spend with their friends and on other events. They must understand that their parents are also growing old with us. They’ll not be here with us all the life. We all are here for a limited period. So, why waste it on something else which is not important to us? Indeed, we should spend it with our parents whose life is nothing without us. We still have time to say sorry and thank you to our parents. Just remember their hard work and try to appreciate it every time you notice it before the time passes.


The primary motive of this blog is to convey a message that no mother needs a specific qualification to be with her kids. She’s just perfect the way she is. She just needs to be a little understandable and respected. You’ll see how much her heart is an ocean of love. “Make yourself ready to dive in love with your mother every day”.


As you know, Mother’s day 2021 is around the corner. You have time to plan out the best moment to spend with your mother. So, don’t forget to share in the comment box, what’re you planning?

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