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Vision Board for expecting mothers

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We've heard a lot about vision boards to achieve our short- and long-term goals. With this blog, I wanted to help expectant mothers to have a positive mindset throughout their pregnancy via a vision board. Vision Board for expecting mothers.

 Vision Board for Expectant Mothers

We all are aware of the book “The Secret'', and “the Magic” by Rhonda Byrne, who has explained the concept of “the law of attraction”. 


Vision boards play an important role in getting what you want. You can manifest all the things that you desire. You get the desired results just by putting your right intentions into it. Vision Boards are helpful, whether you use them for your personal or professional purpose. Today, let's get to know a little about how it helps expectantmothers and those who’re trying to conceive.


What is a Vision Board?


It’s a board where you put pictures, quotes, and affirmations of what you want in your life. These are the desires that you put into the board and remind it of your subconscious mind every day. It results from your visualization. This works by “the Law of attraction”.


The Law of Attraction 


Law of attraction means that whatever your mind believes with full right intentions and emotions. Then it becomes the reality. You need to believe in the power of  mind to attract anything that you desire. Our subconscious mind has the power to believe in what you allow it to believe. It depends on you, what you feed to your subconscious mind. Some techniques that can apply the law of attraction are affirmations and visualization.

You have heard the word affirmations so many times but now let us discuss what exactly affirmations are? And how does it work? 


About Affirmations:


Affirmations are the positive statements that you adopt in your daily life to program your subconscious mind. It overcomes the negativity of the thoughts. And the best thing about this is, you can repeat it throughout the day. But to get the best out of it, the best time to get the best result is to say it early morning just after you wake up or before you fall asleep at night. 


Here are a few takes you can apply to make your affirmations as well. You need to remember few things like:

  •  It should always be in the present tense.
  • You should have positive intentions while writing it down.
  • Don't write affirmations in the future tense.
  • Visualize and feel the affirmations while writing or speaking them verbally
  • Have a positive mindset while affirming.
  •  Here, I’m sharing a few affirmations for the expecting mothers they can apply for their benefit. We all are aware that words are more powerful. So, choose the right word accordingly. Those words push you, motivate you, and bring out the enthusiasm in you.


The importance of affirmations during pregnancy

  • You feel happier and less stressed.
  • Helps you to turn your thoughts into a positive thought
  • Makes it easier to sleep and to eat
  • Helps you to prepare your mind for the pregnancy


Affirmations for expecting mothers:

  • “I welcome the changes in my body.”
  • “My pregnant body is beautiful.”
  • “My body knows how to nourish and grow my baby.”
  • “My baby feels my love.”
  • “My baby and I are healthy.”
  • “My body is perfectly equipped to give birth




It simply means VISUALISING the life, the moments, the goal that you want to achieve. Visualization means imagining that you have already reached your goal or some kind of positive thought. It’s an important part of the law of attraction. For e.g... If you want to have a healthy baby, then you need to visualize a healthy baby. If you’re visualizing a baby who’s not healthy, then the law of attraction doesn’t work on the positive side. Keep your intentions pure while visualizing. It attracts what you think.


Now, “What is Manifestation and how to manifest it”?




We define it like it's happening with us in real life or we’ve already achieved our desired outcome. 


How to Manifest?

  • Sit in peace and keep observing your vision board
  • Do deep breathing and make yourself calm and focussed
  • Visualize your life with the help of your board
  • Use imagination and pretend as you’ve already achieved the desired results.
  • Make yourself happy and excited about the good news
  • Put your positive intentions into it.
  • Keep the poster in front of it recorded in your subconscious mind.


What do you need to make the Vision Board?

1.       Big cardboard (ideal size 24”*30”)

2.     Collect your pictures 

3.     Write affirmations

4.     Write your favorite quotes

5.     Colorful pens, colorful stickers

6.     Babies images

7.     A lot of creativity

8.    100% commitment


So, now we’ve everything with us to make the best vision board 


How to get the best out of the vision board?

  • Be specific about thwart you want
  • Keep the things real. For e.g., you can’t write as I want 
  • Choose your categories like health, career, family, personal, and others
  • Write short-term or long-term long in each category
  • You can re-edit your vision board once you achieve your mentioned goals.
  • Be grateful when you look at your vision board.


Why the law of attraction doesn’t work? 

  • You’re not putting the positive intentions
  • You’re practicing it with a negative or undisturbed mind
  • You don’t understand the ‘Law’
  • You’re flowing your energy towards your nightmares
  • You’re not fully committed to your dream
  • You’re patient enough


You can use such types of vision boards for any purpose of your life like your daily routine, writing short- and long-term goals, etc. You can add many categories of your choice where you want to manifest things. The categories are personal, career, health, family, financial and others, etc.


Let's discuss, “ What is that one thing you want to achieve this year”? Is it a healthy baby, fit body, or conceiving the baby? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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