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Finally, the Day Has Arrived



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Finally, the Day Has Arrived

“A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.” – Eda LeShan


The trimesters of pregnancy are ending now. They were full of mixed feelings where a woman goes through several hormonal changes and emotions, mood swings, the nervousness of being pregnant, the excitement for the day of the baby’s arrival, etc.


The 40 weeks of pregnancy play a crucial role in the baby’s development in a mother’s womb. Each day is precious for achieving the desired milestones. The pregnancy time is full of nausea, heartburn, swelling, gaining weight, exercise, a healthy diet, and what not?

I remember the day when my gynecologist told me and my husband at the end of the 7th month, that the baby’s weight is less than compared to what it should be. It frightened us for a second and didn’t want to take the risk. I am grateful for my MIL (mother-in-law) who prepared a healthy meal for me and took care of my diet. They forced me to have more protein intake so that the baby could gain weight. By god’s grace, when we got the ultrasound done after a few days, the baby had gained weight by 1 kg. We breathed a sigh of relief.


But now the time has come when the delivery would happen anytime. It was my 38th week going on. It was Friday, 8th Feb 2019, I had my breakfast a little early and thought to wind up the kitchen task and was getting prepared to go to the park for a walk. Suddenly, it made me scared when my water bag broke down. It made me frightened. I changed into my pajamas almost 3 times and went to my mil(mother-in-law). She understood the time has come. She asked me to keep my bag and the diaper bag separately. I explained to my husband about the situation and we went to the hospital. We rushed quickly to the hospital, keeping in mind that we would return soon.

OMG! I forgot to go to the parlor too. My bad luck, it was me who was delaying it. But when the gynecologist came to check on me, she told me the cervix was dilated around half cm and they couldn’t allow us to get back home in such a situation.

I was being admitted there by 3 pm after all my husband did all the formalities. Our heart was dying to see the face of a beautiful soul soon. Everything went well and why we went for C-section, I’ll explain that in my upcoming blog. It was 11:07 pm in the operation theatre when I got a tear of joy after hearing the baby’s cry. That “first-cry” is the bundle of joy forever and that sound will remain in my heart forever. Are you curious to know whether it blessed me with a girl or a boy? You need to wait for my next blog to know more about it.

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  1. yes giving birth a child is not less than a miracle and every mom is blessed with it. looking forward for next post. lovely theme.

  2. It is indeed a wonderful blessing from God and is surely a magical feeling.
    Very interesting and well narrated.
    Looking forward to read your next blog.

  3. This is so well narrated. I remember my sonographer telling me baby's weight is good, you are doing good. looking forward to the next post.

  4. Very well narrated, Radhika! All the best for the upcoming posts.