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Publisher: Hesten
Author: Devika Das
Genre: Non Fiction (Self-Help)
Pages: 203
Rating: 5*
Reading Time for the blog: 5 minutes

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It’s rightly said by someone “that the mind is everything” if it is under our control. Don’t let the mind control us. We know as human beings we’re overwhelmed by our own emotions i.e., happiness, sadness, excitement, etc.

These emotions keep on changing every second depending on the situation. This is very natural for any human being to get angry and to show their different emotions but sometimes when we face emotions like anger, anxiety, stress, and depression; all we feel is that we’re all alone and burst it out in anger which ends up messing up with our image and character.

But this book has caught the attention because of its title “the mind game” which is very captivating and goes well with the contents.

Let us also know a little about the author, the author Devika Das is an award-winning author and poet. Her first book “7 vows of marriage” was published on amazon kindle and the second book is “the mind game” in which she explains how we can master our emotions.

The author has described each section beautifully and in detail how we can manage relationships, manage anger, manage stress, and anger management. We play different roles in our life every day with everyone. It is required to understand each other's values. Thus, how can we capture our divine happiness? What are some tips to be followed to fall in love with ourselves again? Why do we get worried and how can we make it better?

please stop for a moment!

Ask yourself!

What emotion are you having while reading this blog? 

Happy? Sad? Angry? Stress? frustration?

If you are facing any issue related to your mental health then this book is the right pick for you.

calm down!

In today's scenario, stress and depression have become a big topic to talk about whereas, after Sushant Rajput's demise, everyone is talking about these topics. yes! This book makes us understand how to overcome it. one must practice this if facing innumerable dilemmas in daily life.

Everyone is busy running the rat race in meeting their own deadlines etc. we tend to forget that we need to take care of our mental health with physical, social, and intellectual health. we need to understand that If it is not handled well, it can cause us a serious problem.

Every action has an equal or opposite reaction. A human being has a reaction to everything whether it's positive or negative. But not forgetting, everything can be worked if we want to. Like in this book, the author has mentioned about six sections and each section covering its own chapters.

  1. Emotions:- how can we express them.

  2. Analyzing people:- respect an individual’s personality

  3. Live better with less:- self-satisfaction is must

  4. Go happy, go-lucky:- capturing divine happiness

  5. Angry:- speak up

  6. A happy workplace:- how the environment affects us.

Learning from the book:

  1. Never forget to express your feelings when you’re happy.

  2. Always speak out when your heart is full of emotional baggage.

  3. Stop criticizing, accept the challenges.

  4. Anger can be managed by not reacting harshly at the moment.

  5. Self-introspection is a must to master our own emotions.

  6. Happiness is a state of mind which is directly connected with our inner self.

  7. Develop high EQ (emotional quotient) in terms of self-awareness, self-management, social skills, physical health, mental health, and relationship, etc.

This is one of the best self-improvement books which I’ve come across. This book has helped me in improving my emotional stability. I am the one who gets short-tempered easily and faces severe mood swings. I didn't respond appropriately to what the other person was saying but intended to reply which created a mess and ended up arguing at the end.

This book has shifted my focus towards more on a positive attitude. To follow how anger can be managed, check out page no. 153 and 154 from the book. In my opinion, please don't read this book like a story but instead give your time and attention to the book.

Make sure that you put your best efforts in understanding the concept of each chapter, what it is actually conveying, and analyzing it in your daily life to get the best. This is definitely in my to-read list again for a more in-depth detailed understanding.

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